Our Studio

The Creative Outlet Dance Academy of Fairhope has three professionally equipped dance studios, each with custom designed sprung dance floors, full mirrors, three levels of ballet barres and a floating sound system.

The complex also has two parent waiting rooms, three dressing rooms, three bathrooms, and a courtyard. For your convenience, we offer covered side door drop off and pick up.

Pick-up and Drop-off

Please make sure students are on time for classes and picked up promptly after class. We have a large waiting area and dressing room where students coming directly from school can dress, do homework, and wait for classes to begin.

The studio opens each day at 3:00 PM. We cannot be responsible for children before that time, or for any activity that goes on outside of the building. Parents and guardians are responsible for young children until class begins.

There is a large municipal parking lot behind our building if you need to park while picking up your child. Do not stop in the driveway to wait for any reason. If you do not see your child out front, drive around the block, or park in the lot. A backed up car line creates traffic congestion on Section Street and danger for our students. The police are now giving tickets for leaving cars on Masonic Drive.

Visiting Classes

Generally, parents are not encouraged to watch classes as it disrupts the dancers’ concentration. You are welcome to wait in the lobby while class is in session.

Instead, we invite families to attend classes during Visiting/Observation days (To be announced), to see their child’s progress. Everyone is welcome! Bring your camera if you like.